1985 – MacroMind VideoWorks/MacroMedia Director

This really was to make animations! No Motion without Final Cut, Premiere and also without Flash! It was like riding a bike with no hands, and no feet! Of course we are talking about the year 85.
Only one example of software evolution…

Jamie formed a corporation with Marc Canter and Mark Pierce called MacroMind. Our early products include MusicWorks and VideoWorks. I did most of the coding on these projects. VideoWorks has been available for many years, and is now being sold as MacroMedia Director. Here is a screen dump showing the basic features of VideoWorks/Director:

Both MusicWorks and VideoWorks were the first programs in their respective categories to ship on the original Apple Macintosh. The interface ideas have been widely copied and the resulting acceptance by the creative artistic community enabled Apple to survive until their resurgence in the iPod era.



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